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FeR Miniatures: Women by Pepe Saaveda - Sonaira

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FER - WOM00005

Product Description

EXPECTED December 2018

FeR Miniatures: Women by Pepe Saaveda - Sonaira

1/10 scale resin bust.

Parts - 9

Bust requires assembly and painting.


– Everybody likes elves and everybody loves foxes!
– This fantastic sculpt of Ramón Martínez perfectly captures a moment of tenderness and also readiness.
– It allows a lot of room for interpretation for painting.
– The signature resin quality allows the figure to arrive clean and ready in almost no time, so time is invested in what really matters: painting and having fun.

The woods whispered in danger.

Sônaira knew something was wrong as soon as she stepped delicately in the clear of the forest. Thanks to her ranger skills, she was aware of everything that was around her, even if today the environment barely had taken notice of her. Usually, the leaves, the branches and the little invisible life of the forest reached to her with joy, knowing that her sister was there to protect the sanctity of the place.

But today, the forest was distracted by an impending sense of dread that poured from every corner. She could feel it too, coming from the north, where the edge of the forest met with the gentle slopes that transformed into the Scarred Skull peaks in the distance. Suddenly, she heard something small and quick coming from that direction. Before she had the chance to draw her weapons, the creature jumped on her.

The little fox was really scared and very happy to be in the arms of his friend. While he cheerfully licked her cheek, she felt relieved that it was only this innocent creature… but the feeling of unease hadn’t disappeared.

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