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Lifecolor - Detail Enhancer Tanks & Vehicles Liquid Pigments Set

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Product Description

Lifecolor - Detail Enhancer Tanks & Vehicles Liquid Pigments Set 

6 22ml bottles. Lifecolor liquid pigments are not paints, they are really liquid pigments and for this reason you can remove them from the surfaces after drying using the remover solution to the level you desire.


Using with a brush:


 Apply Liquid Pigments pure or diluted with water. To highlight panel lines, lightly moisten the panel lines with water and touch Liquid Pigments to the corners of the junction; or follow the groove with a fine brush dipped in the chosen Liquid Pigments. Remove traces leaked from the panel lines with the Remover. To emphasize bolts or protruding details, moisten the areas to be treated and apply the chosen Liquid Pigments with a brush. The excess Liquid Pigments can be removed completely or faded out with a brush. The Liquid Pigments can be used with the same technique as oil paints, so they can be stretched or mixed directly on the treated areas with a dry brush or any other tool. the Liquid Pigments can also be used as a filter for modulating light or dark areas on a surface.


 Using with an airbrush:


 Apply Liquid Pigments with an airbrush without adding water. Remove or correct the product with brushes or other instruments moistened with the Remover. It is also possible to move or accumulate the Liquid Pigments on a surface by spraying it away with the Remover using the airbrush after the Liquid Pigments have dried or by blowing only air on the Liquid Pigments before the Liquid Pigments have dried.


 Using with a sponge (chipping):


 Moisten the sponge or similar in the Liquid Pigments, discharge the excess product on paper and apply on the model.