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Ammo of MiG: The Weathering Magazine 33 - Burned Out

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Product Description

Ammo of MiG: The Weathering Magazine 33 - Burned Out

The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine completely focused on the most enjoyable and effective painting and weathering techniques for finishing scale models and figures, created to fuel an imagination and provide the learning experience the modeler may need to explore the limits of modelling aspirations.

The latest issue concentrates on "Burned Out" subjects: the conflagration and destruction bought about by war on models of all topics. This presents a wide range of interesting painting, weathering and narrative opportunities. Such as the burned out Russian T-72B featured in "Ukrainian Rebel," which explains not only painting and weathering techniques, but also how to modify a tank kit to show damage. In a similar vein "The Würger Is Down" shows how to add damage to a wrecked FW 190D-9, and its immediate surroundings during it's crashed landing. Whilst "Abrams in Ashes" focuses on an M1A1 Abrams during Operation Desert Storm; the result of friendly fire or deliberate damage to prevent capture. Architecture also does not avoid the damage of battle, and Franck Cournede shows the techniques required for modelling a damaged building. Next "The Fallen Soldier" explains step-by-step the different weathering techniques applied to a sci-fi mecha; a great chance to work with extreme weathering in a fictional setting. Then the iconic Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) is the focus of various weathering techniques while showing the interesting contrast that can be achieved with intact camouflage next to the fire damage of an impact hit. Finally, Mig Jimenez shows how to work with fire damage on 1/700 scale naval models in "Exocet Inferno HMS Sheffield Ablaze," using real photographs to create an accurate and realistic result. No matter the topic, this new issue of The Weathering Magazine is sure to leave inspiration for future projects!
The Weathering Magazine explains all featured painting and weathering techniques with detailed "step-by-step" articles, each showing how to perform each technique as illustrated through high-quality images and concise descriptions from some of the world's best modelers.

Soft Cover, 68 pages

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