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Tankers Techniques Magazine #10, Tricks and Tips

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Tankers Techniques Magazine #10, Tricks and Tips 

Reviewed by Glen Broman

Right up front I have to admit my bias, after spending most of my adult life playing on tanks, a product named “Tanker” is pretty hard to resist. So this is issue number 10 and the subject is Tricks and Tips. This is a 76 page magazine format with hard card stock covers, excellent production values and photo quality.

There are a wide variety of techniques in this volume, a total of thirty seven in all, most only a page or two, so you get quite a few well explained techniques in a very succinct format. Each of the techniques is explained using both written and visual descriptions, which is very handy as like most tankers, I’m happier with pictures. Others have said I also work best with short and simple words as well, but I know who you are and where you live, so I’ll discuss that with you after I finish this review.

The techniques and tips run the whole gamut of skill sets, from quick diorama bases, to making handles, non-skid surfaces and making a wicked fast filler from superglue and talcum powder. There are a number of different masking techniques for hard and soft edge camo, as well as a few different methods for achieving different weathering techniques for your wheels. There are also some pretty basic techniques for cleaning up resin parts, however, if you are new to resin, this would something worth knowing. For those among us who have driven blade tanks, you know that they have tendency to be nose heavy, well they have a technique to create that nose to the grindstone look. Sweet.

This issue is highly recommended for the modeler looking to improve his or her techniques. Although more advanced modelers may tend to look somewhat askance at a product like this, I’d urge you to take a closer look as there are some very original techniques up in here. I thought the tip on using a staple refill strip and clear sprue to make headlights was very original. It’s also useful as who among us hasn’t launched the occasional clear part off into a quiet corner where the carpet monster can quietly lunch on it. I’m seeing quite a few hands being raised out there. Well this technique is definitely faster than putting a net call out on social media looking for a replacement part from your tank buddies and having them posting random memes saying “please don’t feed the carpet monster” on your page. Once again, I know who you are.

So if you are looking to give your armor some of that cast texture, or pimp your tank ride with some cool stowage or some realistic weld seams, this product is for you.

I purchased my sample from Last Cavalry at www.lastcavalry.com