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Gators Grip Glue Thin Blend

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GTR - 002

Product Description

Kenny Loup sent me this note: "I would like to take the time to introduce you to my newest glue, Gator's Grip Thin Blend".  

"Unlike the original, Thin Blend was a happy accident.  When ordering ingredient to make 
a batch of original blend, I ordered the wrong ingredient.  I didn't realize this until my order
arrived at the house.  Being curious, I decided to make a small batch to see what would 
happen.  After I mixed up the ingredients, I noticed that it was thinner.  Okay, that may not
be too bad.  Now to give it the Gator Grip test.  I glued a strip of styrene to a 4" x 4" piece 
of flat styrene and let it dry.  I checked on it every so often and noticed it was drying 
faster, another plus.  Once dry and set, I gave the piece of styrene strip the flick test.  
What is the "flick test"?  You know, when you hold the tip of your middle finger with your 
thumb and flick your wife on the forehead.  Okay, that maybe too much information.  But 
anyway, when I flicked the piece of styrene, the glue joint held.  Not even a crack.  So, 
now I have this hybrid Gator's Grip Glue that dries faster, is thinner but holds as strong as 
the original.  I tried it with some photo-etch and realized that this may be the best PE glue 
yet!  Okay, I'm getting carried away, but it is a great blend for PE".