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Hudson & Allen Studio - Summer Zeltbahn & Helmet Cover Decals

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HAA - 9904

Product Description

1/35th scale.

Hudson & Allen Studio Decal sheets 9903 and 9904 represent Autumn and Summer WWII German Waffen SS camouflage clothing. The pattern that we have elected to reproduce appears to have been one of the most common types for use in Zeltbahn and helmet cover manufacturer. This pattern is referred to as Eichenlaub “Oak Leaf” pattern and was manufactured between 1941 and 1945. This difficult to paint camouflage pattern can now be easily reproduced using these decals. The actual shapes and sizes were traced from originals in the Hudson & Allen Studio collection and reduced to approximately 1/35th scale.

The background shades and colors on original examples varied considerably and can range from grays to earthy browns. A mid-range color was chosen to show the camouflage shapes to their best effect. It is recommended that you use these decals as a painting guide for figures wearing camouflage dothing. Also included as a bonus are Waffen SS camouflage sleeve insignia. These were worn on both sleeves on camouflage clothing and were introduced on 15 February, 1943. There is also included on the sheet standard SS NCO sleeve insignia which were worn on the upper left sleeve only. This insignia was universally worn on all garments, both camouflage and non-camouflage.

MODELING TIPS: Because of the different sizes of various manufacturers of 1/35 scale steel German helmets you may need to trim excess decal once it is dry. It is recommended that you apply the central strip first and then the two side panels which will overlap your first application. It is highly recommended that the use of one of the commercial decal setting solutions to help the decal conform to the many compound curves of a helmet. When using the Zeltbahn decals, it is recommended applying them to thin copper, tin or lead foil so that the Summer may be applied to one side and the Autumn to the other side. Keep in mind that the Zeltbahn was not only used for a poncho and for personal camouflage, but in combination with additional units, was used as tents and to camouflage vehicles and fixed positions. As always, refer to original wartime photos for appropriate use.