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Hudson & Allen Studio - Tattoo Decals

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HAA - 9511

Product Description

1/35 scale.

 Tattoos probably originated when one of our ancestors noticed that, when certain substances got rubbed into a cut or scratch, a colored mark remained after the wound had healed. One of them came up with the idea that purposely scratching the skin in the shape of a design (maybe a mastadon or a shapely cavewoman) and rubbing one or more of these substances into the design sould produce a permanent TATTOO. This early ancestor of ours soon found that he could convince other early ancestors that having a TATTOO was the socially acceptable thing to do, and he also soon learned that he could charge for this service. Thus, the first "TATTOO PARLOR” was born. Tattooing was largely an Eastern practice until brought to Europe probably by sailors who had been to the Orient. Many a sailor or Marine has awakened in the morning sporting a new tattoo that he does not remember buying, sometimes bearing the name of a woman he swears he can’t remember ever meeting.

Now, the motivations which drive a person to get a TATTOO would probably fill a book and are subjects for which we cannot claim any particular expertise. We can say, however, that persons engaged in the military seem to have, from the earliest of times, been very prone to getting a tattoo or two. It is for this reason that we decided to release HUDSON & ALLEN TATTOOS.

Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of many nations and throughout many different wars have gotten tattooed. The popular designs have changed a little over time, but the basic themes are hearts, girlfriends’ names, military mascots or unit insignia, skulls, snakes, dragons, etc. We have provided enough different styles and sizes for you to “tattoo” many figures. Tattoos are somewhat “scale-less”. meaning that a large tattoo in one scale can be used as a small tattoo in a larger scale. For example. if you like the “snake” tattoo and want to have a large snake across the bare back of your 1/35th scale figure. consider buying our 1/16th scale TATTOOS (Product No. 9611) and using the large snake from that set. Likewise, if you want to put a “rose” on the ankle of that “special” 90mm figure you are working on, try using the tiny rose from our 1/35th scale set (Product No. 9511).

Anyone who has ever used water slide decals is familiar with the procedure for using "HUDSON & ALLEN” decals. The area to receive the decal should be coated with a clear gloss to give a good surface for the decal to adhere to. This will also help to hide the decal film. After consulting your references to determine which size TATTOO you need to use and its correct placement, carefully cut the desired part out from the decal sheet. Soak the cut out decal in warm water until the decal can easily be slid off the paper backing. Do not slide the decal off the paper backing until you have removed the decal and backing paper from the water and are ready to position the decal. You may wish to lightly moisten the area of the model that is to receive the decal. You may also wish to use one of several decal “setting solutions” to help the decal lie flat on the model and to conform to the surface of any curves or wrinkles. Now carefully slide the decal from the paper backing and onto the model. Discard the paper backing, and gently pat the excess water from the surface of the decal and model using a cotton swab, a lint free cloth, or a piece of tissue. While patting the decal, make sure that no air bubbles are trapped under the surface of the decal. If air bubbles are present, carefully work them to the edge of the decal and out from under it. Be careful not to move your TATTOO out of position while patting it. although, at this stage. it is easy to push it back into place. Wait at least 24 hours before handling your figure to proceed to the next step. After the decals are completely dry, they should be covered with a clear flat paint to protect the decal and to hide the decal carrier film. We have chosen to manufacture our decals using the thinnest film possible, but you must still build up a thin layer of clear flat thick enough to hide the carrier or the effect of having the markings design “tattooed on" will be lost. With a little patience and a little practice you will soon be comfortable with the process, and be producing beautifully TATTOOED figures.