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Hudson & Allen Studios - WWII German AntiTank, Anti-Personnel & Small Arms Marking

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HAA - 9623

Product Description

1/35th scale

This sheet contains markings for tellermines, the three variations of Panzerfaust, and German 7.92 mm. ammo crate markings. Also included are several variations of German minefield warning signs.

Over 200 million mines were placed by the Germans in France alone in WWII. Many of these were ‘Teller mines’ type 35 and 42. Many of the anti-invasion obstacles designed by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel had this type of mine attached. (The Whermacht dubbed them Rommelspangel.) Depending on where and when the mines were manufactured, they could be painted black, gray, dark green or sand tan. We have included markings in black for the lighter paint schemes and red and white markings for dark finishes. All of the markings on this sheet were copied from original examples.

Germany’s pre-war rearmament program was based on 9mm. caliber ammunition for pistols and sub-machine guns, and 7.92mm. caliber for rifles and machine-guns. We have included crate markings for the latter. Each one of these wooden crates held 1,500 rounds packed in 5 gray cardboard cartons. Each carton had a linen strap that could be used to carry it over the shoulder. Each of these cartons held 300 rounds packed in 20 more cardboard packages that held 15 rounds each. When filled, each wooden crate would weigh between 109.13 lbs. to 118.61 lbs.There are enough markings to detail 12 boxes with top, end and side labels. As early as November of 1939, many brass cartridge cases were being replaced by steel. This was also indicated on the labels and can be modeled by drawing a wide vertical light blue band in the middle of the label with a blue high lighter. This should be done after the decals have been placed and are dry.

The ‘Panzerfaust’ is one of the best known German anti-tank weapons. It was a single shot disposable weapon, the first versions being the 30M which had a range of 30 meters and the “Klein” 30M. By 1944, the 30M was generally replaced by the 60M and the lOOM was available by November of that year. The warhead itself had a large label with instructions for use applied to it. Ours were taken from surviving examples and from left to right on the sheet are for the 60M, 30M, and 30M “Klein.” These weapons appeared in dark gray, dark green, and sand tan. The "beware of blast" stencils for the launcher tube are in yellow for the dark schemes and red for the light finishes. The proof stamps in the lower left of this part of the sheet appeared on the head and tube of the weapons.