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Mission Models - Gloss Black Primer (Use with Chrome)

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Product Description

Mission Models - Gloss Black Primer (Use with Chrome)

1 fluid once of acrylic paint


CHROME :   Mission Models Chrome and Gloss Black Base is very easy to use.   No need to thin( both CAN be thinned to suit your needs.  )  or add poly.  Use straight from the bottle.   Our Gloss Black base is what allows the Chrome to " reflect" like a mirror.  The smoother and glossier the black base the better the Chrome effect will be.  

Replicating Chrome is not like applying standard paints ( Green Blue yellow ).  There is a method and YES it takes practice to perfect.   We will never say that is it an "easy"process.  Application is easy but again practice and patience makes perfect.  We are replicating Chrome with paint.  That is the difference between replication and a true industrial nickel electro-plated finish.   The more methodical you are the better the results.  It is a finish that CAN NOT be rushed.   Our Chrome is made with 6061 Aluminum and is extremely durable. 


GLOSS BLACK BASE  Always use our Gloss Black Base.  Spray in light coats. Light wet coats. Build up until you get the desired gloss finish. DO NOT try to cover in one pass.   Yes you can wet sand the Black base between coasts if you wish.  We recommend 1000 to 12000 Micro Mesh or fine Sanding pads  Make sure the finish is 100% dry and lint / dust free before spraying the next layer.  All and any imperfections will show in the chrome finish.   Yes we will repeat our self's in this next section. 

Other Black Base Notes :   Mission Models Gloss Black Base is excellent straight from the bottle.  It is also designed to dry fast.   We have always found that chrome paint works best on smaller detail parts IE Wheels , trim , exhaust etc..   We also know that many modelers would like a chrome or bright finish on larger sections and " flat" Panels such as car bodies , aircraft, Si-Fi , nose cones etc..

Through extensive testing we have found that the best way to shoot larger pieces is by  starting with a thinned version of gloss black base as noted below. 

 Gloss Black Base on larger pieces.   On larger pieces we want to avoid any type of surface texture.   Surface texture could be grainy from over spray or "smooth dimples" which will show and reflect in your chrome finish.   We have found that by pouring Gloss Black Base into an epoxy mixing cup at the 1/8 mark and then adding aprox 3-4 drops of Mission Models Thinner ( MMA-2 or 3 ) to the black will thin it out a bit. Please avoid over thinning.  The result will be a thinner version of the Black Base.   When shooting the thinned GBB you will find that it is more transparent and will go on with a glossy transparent "wet" looking coat. This is due to the extra thinner added.  This can of course be done on smaller items as well.   We have found that the extra thinner will allow the GBB to go on finer, smoother and more transparent.  You will also notice because it is more " transparent " when applying that you will need multiple coats until opaque.   The GBB drys to the touch fast ( 30sec to 1min)  so you can build up your layers in a timely manner.   

Again if you wish you can wet sand between each coat.   The smoother your base the better the chrome finish. Chrome paint always reflects best on a concave or curved surface.  The GBB serves as a base in which the aluminum particles in our Chrome reflect off of. 


GBB PSI and Distance.   We have found that shooting the Gloss Black Base is best at low psi.  Due to the nature of our formula and viscosity if your psi ( air pressure ) is too high you run the risk of blowing and moving the paint around on the surface and possible beading. Between 10-15 psi is best.  Also we are basing this off of the airbrush equipment that we use.   Please adjust accordingly to your equipment. 

Spray distance is also key and this also applies to standard paint.   Too far away the paint drys in the air before hitting the surface which will cause a dry grainy effect.  Too close and you may find spider webbing.   One of the best and most effective ways to determine spray distance is by releasing air from the airbrush ( no paint air only) at a distance.  As you are releasing  air ( NO PAINT) bring the air brush closer to the work until you can actually hear the air hitting the surface of the work. Your proper distance is at the point when you can just hear the air flow hitting the surface.   This can vary based on your PSI ( air pressure )  The higher the psi the sooner you will hear the air hitting the surface.   Lower PSI you will find your self closer in the the work surface.  

Shooting Gloss Black Base :  In addition to the above tech, spray in even smooth passes. DO NOT try to cover in one pass.  Be patient.  Smooth even passes, proper distance and psi with give you excellent rewarding results.  

Failure Gloss Black Base:  The fastest way to failure is listed below

1. Spraying from too far of a distance.  Result, possible poor adhesion and textured surface. 

2   Spraying too close  Result, possible runs , beading or too much build up which can cause dimples or fisheyes 


2: Chrome Application 

As mentioned above the application of Chrome takes time and practice regardless of brand.  Its about taking your time and the proper steps.  

Once you are satisfied with the preparation of the Gloss Black Base its time to shoot the chrome.   Again no need to thin and no poly. ( you may experiment with both)   Pour Chrome directly in to the airbrush or epoxy mixing cup.  Be sure to shake well!   Light even UNIFORM coats are the trick.  Dust it on and build up.   Allow each layer to dry 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Be methodical think before you spray.  As you build layers you will see the chrome effect begin.  Your Black Base will begin to look a bit more like a metallic black.   As the paint drys the chrome effect will begin to appear. You will go from " Black Chrome" to dark chrome to chrome.   Use your best judgement and know when to stop.  Its a fine line.  SO again take your time. 

Chrome Tips :  

  1. Distance please see gloss black base distance section. 
  2. PSI we prefer (air pressure) of about 10-15 psi.   
  3. Test before you shoot.   We always recommend testing on scrap before shooting the final piece.  We want to you feel confident.
  4. As the carrier evaporates from the chrome the shine will being to appear. 
  5. Be Methodical. Take your time. Think twice spray once.   Chrome needs to be built up in light layers.  As you shoot you will see the transformation. 
  6. When applied properly our chrome is very durable.   It can be wet sanded , polished and clear coated for various effects. 

 Tinting:   Mission Models Chrome can be tinted with any MMP color.  Use for various color effects.  Just add a couple drops of any color to the chrome before spraying.  We leave this effect up to you to experiment with.  We do not have a ratio for tinting.  Add 1 drop or add 10 drops to find the level of tint you are seeking.  If you add 2-3 drops to your chrome in an epoxy mixing cup you will notice that the chrome will tint instantly.   We feel less is more when starting.  If you add less tint ( blue MMP-048) to the chrome and build up on the work surface we feel that you will have more control when it comes to color depth and opacity.   The more you build up the darker the finish.   Again we highly recommend testing on scrap or black glossy plastic spoons. 

Chrome Failure:  

If applied too heavy Chrome can fast become silver paint. This happens due to the fact that the pigment has become so concentrated that all reflection from the Gloss Black Base has been canceled out and the reflection is dead.   Be cautious.  Know when to stop visually.   Again practice makes perfect.  

 Applied properly will result in a beautiful durable finish. 


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