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AK Interactive - Signature Set Rafa Archiduque - Sudan Campaign, 1881-99

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AKI - 11773

Product Description

AK Interactive - Signature Set Rafa Archiduque - Sudan Campaign, 1881-99


This set contains a personal selection by Rafa Archiduque of shades for painting 28mm miniatures for the Sudan Campaign.


The shades can also be extrapolated to figures of other scales. Although the range of shades could be much wider, you will find the necessary colors for projects of this war. The shades are selected to paint 28mm miniatures with the triad system, a base color plus one, two or even three lights if necessary.


The Sudan campaign was a British colonial war that lasted from 1881 to 1899 and pitted the followers of the Madhis (Ansar) against British forces and the Khedivate of Egypt. The British army at first wore its characteristic scarlet jacket, then during a period of the campaign they wore a gray uniform and finally the khaki one. Some units such as the Camel Corps had a blue-gray jacket. The Egyptian infantry had a white uniform in summer and blue in winter with a red fez.


The clothing of the Madhis (Ansar) was very colorful, using fabrics of different shades of white and a range of cream, beige and earth tones. Later they also used a type of clothing called jibbah in which colorful geometric patches were typical.


This set contains:

  • AK11001 White
  • AK11012 Sky Grey
  • AK11166 French Blue
  • AK11004 Ivory
  • AK11007 Rock Grey
  • AK11115 Light Earth
  • AK11033 Dark Sand
  • AK11053 Radiant Flesh
  • AK11034 Medium Sand
  • AK11124 Middle Stone
  • AK11121 Tan Earth
  • AK11101 Orange Brown
  • AK11091 Carmine
  • AK11087 Scarlet Red
  • AK11401 Base Flesh
  • AK11434 Red Brown
  • AK11405 Dark Shadow Flesh
  • AK11110 Leather Brown