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Ammo of MiG: The Weathering Magazine 38 - Rust 2.0

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Product Description

Ammo of MiG: The Weathering Magazine 38 - Rust 2.0


"As the years go by, everything evolves and improves”. And this rule also applies to scale modelling, where one of the oldest and most used techniques, rust, has been refined and updated. And if there is a technique where AMMO has always been a reference, it has been precisely here, recreating rust. 13 years ago, AMMO launched a magazine, The Weathering Magazine, focusing in techniques aimed at making modelling more accessible and simpler for all modelers. And the first issue, dedicated to rust, a was resounding success that has endured for all these years.

But as we said at the very beginning, everything is affected by some wear and tear and, in the case of The Weathering Magazine, this wear and tear is also noticeable. And since at AMMO our only obsession is to give the modeler what he asks for, accept the challenge and have prepared a new magazine formula, more technical and detailed. More defined and didactic, with more specific and specialized subjects.

And there is no better way to end it than to say goodbye with an issue dedicated to rust in version 2.0. A small tribute to that first issue, where we show different and updated techniques to recreate rust and corrosion effects more efficiently and with quicker results. As expected from TWA, the magazine will cover different modeling genres, to practice and have fun with these techniques using some favorite subjects.

 All of the painting and weathering techniques featured in this issue of The Weathering Magazine dedicated to rust effects are explained with detailed step-by-step, each showing how to perform each technique as illustrated through high-quality images and concise descriptions from some of the world's best modelers. This last issue of TWM is sure to be a collector's favorite, each page filled with useful techniques and every article a learning resource full of inspiration for all genres and levels of modeler.