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Romeo Models - Kavas & The Belly Dancer

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ROM - RMSC5401

Product Description

Romeo Models - Kavas & The Belly Dancer

54mm. includes scenic base

Must be painted and assembled.

History: During the Empire of Ottoman Dynasty in the 16th and 17th century, the location of Istanbul between Europe and Asia made it an important centre of trade. Ships from Europe, the Black Sea and the Indian Ocean brought goods like drugs, grain, mirrors, and furs and caravans carried them to the Middle East. Similarly, caravans from Asia carried silk, tea, spices and porcelain to Istanbul and ships transferred them to Europe. The market was big and many people came to the city as traders, merchants to sell or buy and some people like magicians, musicians and dancers came to show their skills. They first built small stands on the streets, then expanded into larger open markets called bazaars. A bazaar was an important part of the social life of Istanbul and was full of interesting characters. The sculptor, inspired by the orientalist oil paintings of the famous French painter Jean-Leon Gerome, portrayed two colorful personalities of Istanbul bazaar in this vignette; a Kavas and a dancer. Kavas was the municipal police officer of the Ottoman Empire who controlled the streets, shops and bazaars. Kavas maintained the order, checked the trade, caught any thieves in the bazaars and took them to the courthouse. Kavas were honest, trustable people and had good relations with the traders. They had typical clothing with a strong dominance of red and carried weapons. Dancer: mostly coming from the Middle east, theses ladies were fascinating ladies performing their dances by using body language (belly dance). They danced for ordinary people who could not pay much but always dreamed of dancing for the Sultan in his palace, paid with jewelery, maybe even become part of his harem.

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