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Hudson & Allen Studios - WWII U.S. Gas Mask & Small Arms Box Markings

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HAA - 9622

Product Description

1/35th scale

This sheet contains markings for metal .30 cal. ammo boxes, metal packing cans for .30 cal
carbine and .30 cal. Garand rounds. Included as well are common wooden small arms ammunition box
markings, rifle & fragmentation grenade box markings and markings for the most common gas mask
used by G.I.s during WWII.
The supplies needed to sustain any modern large army in the field is almost beyond
calculation. In the first two weeks after D-Day, over 200,00 tons of supplies were landed and it was
calculated that the attacking Allied army would burn about 1 million gallons of gasoline a day. In
surveying almost any wartime photos you will be sure to see many varieties of boxes in and about the
vehicles and littering the battlefields. Huge amounts of small arms ammo was consumed and now you
can accurately model many of the most common types. All of are markings were taken directly from
surviving WWII specimens and most of the lettering can be read under magnification.
We have supplied markings for some of the inner sealed metal cans that go in the wooden
crates. We have parts boxes full of .30 cal. metal ammo cans so we included a dozen of the white
stencils that commonly appeared on them. The black stencilling usually appeared on unpainted
containers and yellow markings on the O.D. painted containers. Refer to the insert and period photos
for box type and placement.
We have also supplied 4 of the most common markings for U.S. gas mask bags. The allied
staff feared the use of gas by the Germans and the anxiety was even higher as the German fronts
collapsed. As fast as G.I.s would discard them, they would be reissued. Any D-Day or Rhine crossing
photo will show every man with one of the various types.
By far the most common was the Army Lightweight Service gas mask and we provided 24
of these in two styles. These 3 snap canvas bags would usually contain 1 M5 or M3 gas mask. Also
included are markings for the black waterproofed bag and examples examined ranged from dark O.D.
to golden yellow. Some paratroopers were known to use the noncombatant style mask bag and so
these were also included.