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Vallejo: Model Wash - European Dust

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VLJ - 76523

Product Description

 Recommended for all types of vehicles: the wash represents the most common tones of dust in central and eastern europe.

For armor, vehicles, planes, ship, figures and war game
figures. All surfaces exposed to sun, wind and dust,
rain and snow, experience a change in color, a loss of intensity,
a dulling and general fading which however is not even or
overall. For the model painter, these changes in color are very
difficult to reproduce, and to achieve these effects on a model,
washes or filters are the perfect solution.

The washes are always needed to blend the edges of the
colors on a model painted in various camouflage shades. The
colors can also be mixed together to achieve further variations
of shade and can be used with airbrush or brush, according to
the model and the effect desired.

Model Wash can be mixed with pigments to achieve a wide
range of effects such as oil and flaked rust, mud, earth, dust,
moss, etc. and when mixed with acrylic colors, they further
help achieve the impact of heavy wear and weathering.
The washed have been formulated with a modified acrylic
resin so that the superficial tension is similar to that of the
traditional solvent-based washes and filters, but with the
advantage of working with a water-based medium. Average
drying time is around 20 minutes. If several layers of wash
are to be applied, it is best to wait around 40 minutes between
applications. Painting tools are cleaned with water.

35ml bottle